【Oki Electric】 DP-100

The DP-100 was Oki's first dot line printer. It was released in response to the need for smaller size, lower weight, reduced noise and lower price. It had the following features:

1) It enabled flexible printing by using a shuttle bar system employing 22 dot heads. In addition to printing horizontally enlarged characters and vertically enlarged characters, it could also perform printing in image mode with special specifications.
2) It was extremely small and lightweight compared with previous line printers, and could be used as a desktop printer, even with the power supply included.
3) Motors and fans were driven only during printing operation. This prevented noise, improved durability and economized power consumption.
4) Simple, electronic mechanisms improved reliability and maintainability.
  DP-100 Dot Line Printer
Printing speed 110line/min
Kinds of type 127kinds
Character format Quasi 9×7 dot matrix
Characters per line 132char
Character spacing 2.54mm(1/10inch)
However, this becomes 5.08mm with horizontally or vertically enlarged characters
Line spacing 4.23mm(1/6inch)
Printing paper 101.6mm(4inch)–406.4mm(16inch)
Copy capability Up to 5 sheets(including original)
Interface Parallel interface
External dimensions Front width 590mm Depth 570mm Height 221mm
Weight 42kg
Noise 63phon Max.
Power consumption Max. 300VA

Oki DP-100