【Oki Electric】 OKITAC-5093 High-Speed Printer

Oki released OKITAC-5093 high-speed printer for OKITAC-5090 computer system as Oki's first commercial printer. It implemented the flying belt system with a type belt, and could print calculated results line-by-line in memory unit of the computer.

Array of hammers and hammer magnets were equipped, the number of which corresponded to the number of characters in one line. A few set of types (with each group corresponding to one kind of character being used) were assigned to an endless type belt in a specified order. Printing operation was performed by using synch signals detected photoelectrically using detection holes on the continuously rotating type belt.

  OKITAC-5093 High-Speed Printer
Printing speed 500line/minor278line/min
Kinds of type 48 kinds or 96 kinds
Characters per line 120char
Character spacing 2.54mm
Line spacing 4.23mm
Paper feed speed 25ms
Copy capability 6sheets including original
Printing paper 177.8mm-355.6mm standard sprocket paper
Synch signal Every 2ms(every character)
Printing hammer drive input Voltage 60V, Current 4.6A, Width 1.3ms
External supply voltage AC100V 5A
DC-60V 5A,-20V 3A,-12V 3A,±6V 3A

OKITAC-5093 High-Speed Printer