【NEC】 PC-PR201 and PC-PR101 Japanese Language Serial Printers

In May 1983, NEC announced the PC-PR201—a compact, inexpensive Japanese language printer for personal computers.
The PC-PR201 employed a 24-pin print head, and had a printing width of 90 characters (or 136 alphanumeric/kana characters), and a printing speed of 40char/s. It was priced at less than ¥300,000. Level 2 kanji (Chinese characters) could be added with ROM as an option.

In July 1984, NEC announced the PC-PR101—the sister machine of the PC-PR201. The PC-PR101 was a small machine with a printing width of 53 characters (or 80 alphanumeric/kana characters), and had a compact floor area about 30% smaller than the PC-PR201.
In the subsequent shift to color and changes in the printing system, the "PC-PR201xx" and PC-PR101xx" names were inherited as representative models of NEC's PC serial printers.

Specifications of PC-PR201 and PR101 Kanji Printers
Model name PC-PR201 PC-PR101
Printing system Dot impact
Character types Alphanumeric/kana,Kanji JIS Level 1 (level 2 available as an option)
Character composition,dimensions
  • Alphanumeric/kana mode:17×11dot
  • Japanese mode:22×22dot
Max. number of printed characters(char/line)
  • Alphanumeric/kana mode:136
  • Japanese mode:90
  • Alphanumeric/kana mode:80
  • Japanese mode:53
Dot pitch 1/160, both vertical and horizontal
Line spacing Variable in 1/120inch units
Copy capability 4sheets including original
Printing speed(char/s)
  • 120(alphanumeric/kana mode,with 0.1inch character spacing)
  • 40(Japanese language mode, with 0.15inch character spacing)
Paper width 5–16inch 5–10inch
External dimensions(mm) 570(W)×335(D)×125(H) 410(W)×335(D)×125(H)
Weight(kg) 9.5 8.5

PC-PR201 Kanji PrinterPC-PR101 Kanji Printer