【NEC】 N7385-21 Two-Color Page Printer

In January 1987, NEC announced the world's first two-color high-speed page printer.
This was the first high-speed page printer (2500line/min) in the world capable of simultaneously printing two colors. By using an amorphous silicon photoreceptor, it solved the problem of "mixed colors" which was an issue for two-color simultaneous printing. This enabled sharp printing.

Specifications of N7385-21 Two-Color Page Printer
Printing system Laser beam exposure, Xerographic transfer
Fixation system Dry toner development, Hot roll system
Resolution(printed dot density) 240dot/inch
Printing colors 2 colors(black and one of red, blue, green or brown)
Character types
  • Alphanumeric/kana 64char×8 sets(Gothic,OCR etc)
    (size=1/10,1/12 and 1/15inch)
  • Kanji (Chinese characters)8000char×3sets("Minchotai" font)
    (size=1/6,1/8 and 1/10inch)
Special functions
  • Suffix printing, Enlarged characters, Overlay printing, Bar code printing
  • Segmented printing,Vertical/horizontal printing,Paper side printing
  • Image(dot data) output
  • Diagram output
Character spacing(char/inch) 3,4,5,6,8,10,12,15
Line spacing(line/inch) 3,4,6,8,12
Form overlay Overlay using format and characters from floppy disk
Paper Continuous folding ordinary paper with sprocket holes (width=6.5–18 inch)
Printing speed(line/min) 5,000 (with 12line/inch)
3,330 (with 8line/inch)
2,500 (with 6line/inch)
External dimensions(mm) 2063(W)×885(D)×1390(H)
Weight(kg) 825

N7385 Two-Color Page Printer