【NEC】 N7384 Japanese Language Page Printer

In August 1980, NEC announced a mid-size, inexpensive page printer employing the laser-based xerography system. This printer was for Japanese language processing with mainframes (JIPS for the ACOS system).
Compared with previous line printers, this unit had an expanded printing range, and special functions such as different character types/sizes, suffixes and enlarged letters. At the same time, it had upward compatibility because it maintained the functions of a line printer for alphanumeric and kana characters. In this way, it smoothed the transition to Japanese language processing.

In 1982, NEC marketed a model with an option enabling image and diagram output (the N7384-31), and in 1983 they marketed a model with the same function, and the controller built into the printer mechanism (the N7384-35).

Specifications of N7384 Japanese Language Page Printer
Model name N7384-21 N7384-31 N7384-35
Printing system Laser beam exposure, Xerographic transfer
Fixation system Thermocompression system Flash system
(printed dot density)
Character types
  • Alphanumeric/kana 64char×8sets
    (Gothic,OCR etc)
    (size=1/10,1/12 and 1/15inch)
  • Kanji (Chinese characters) 4000–8000char ("Minchotai" font)
    (size=1/6,1/8 and 1/10inch)
  • Alphanumeric/kana 64char×88sets
    (Gothic,OCR etc)
    (size=1/10,1/12 and 1/15inch)
  • Kanji (Chinese characters) 8000char×3sets ("Minchotai" font)
    (size=1/6,1/8 and 1/10inch)
Special functions
  • Suffix printing, Enlarged characters, Overlay printing, Bar code printing
  • Suffix printing, Enlarged characters, Overlay printing, Bar code printing
  • Segmented printing,Vertical/horizontal printing,Paper side printing
  • Image(dot data) output
  • Diagram output
Character spacing(char/inch) 3,4,5,6,8,10,12,15
Line spacing(line/inch) 3,4,6,8,12
Form overlay Overlay using format and characters from floppy disk
Paper Continuous folding ordinary paper with sprocket holes(width=6.5–18inch)
Printing speed(line/min) -
3,330 (with 8line/inch)
2,500 (with 6line/inch)
5,000 (with 12line/inch)
3,330 (with 8line/inch)
2,500 (with 6line/inch)
External dimensions(mm) 1605(W)×790(D)×1230(H)
Weight(kg) 600 620 650
Announcement/Sale date August 1980 August 1982 April 1983

N7384 Page Printer