【NEC】 N7344 and N735 Type Band Line Printers

In February 1979, NEC announced the N7344 and N7345 small line printers together with the ACOS System 250. These printers used the type band system.

As a result of using the band system, this printer had outstanding printing quality, with good horizontal character alignment. Microprocessors and LSI were used to simplify the structure so that the printer was smaller, lighter and more reliable. It operated at particularly high-speed (900line/min) when printing a total of 15 character types (numerals and symbols), and there was one model which printed at high-speed using only about 60 character types (alphabetic letters, numerals and symbols). There were also models (N7346, N7347) which enabled printing on OCR forms.

Specifications of N7344 and N7345 Line Printers
Model name N7344 N7345
Printing system Type band system(steel)
Character types Alphabetic/numeric/kana/symbols 116 types total
Max. number of printed characters 132char/line(optionally, +4char)
Character spacing(char/inch) 10
Line spacing(line/inch) 6 or 8
Copy capability 6sheets, including original
Printing speed (line/min) 420 (all character types)
730(numeric/symbols 15 character types)
530 (all character types)
900(numeric/symbols 15 character types)
Paper feed speed (inch/s) 30
External dimensions(mm) 760(W)×[550+240(paper outlet)](D)×1050(H)
Weight(kg) 150

N7345 Line Printer