【Mitsubishi Electric】 M8340 Kanji Printer

This was a high-speed multi-functional kanji (Chinese character) printer employing xerography with an LED (Light Emitting Diode) array. It was announced by Mitsubishi Electric in 1985.
By using an LED array, the M8340 achieved high printing quality and speed, and greater compactness. There were two models with printing speeds of 3420LPM (line/min) and 2200LPM both at 6LPI (line/inch). This printer had overlay printing and copy functions, and could print images, graphs and reduced documents with optional equipment. Outstanding ease-of-operation was achieved by providing the functions of auto paper loading and printing position adjustment, and using cartridges for toner.

Main Specifications of M8340 Kanji Printer
Printing system LED array based xerography
Printing speed At 6LPI 3420/2200LPM
Font memory capacity Max. text 16Kchar,
Overlay 16Kchar
Character size Kanji (Chinese characters):7,9,12 and 24point
Alphanumeric:10,12 and 15char/inch
Printed dot density Both vertical/horizontal 240dot/inch
Format Overlay printing
Graph printing (optional)
Image printing (optional)
Reduced printing (optional)
Copy function (254sheet)
Vertical/horizontal printing
Printing width Text,Graphs,Images::Max. 13.6inch
Overlay:Max. 14.6inch
Paper Folding paper with sprocket holes on both edges
Size(width×depth×height) 1,495mm×830mm×1,120mm
Weight 690kg

The more compact M8360 was announced in 1986. The M8360 had a printing speed of 1,300LPM at 6LPI. Its size was 1,300mm(width) × 830mm(depth) × 1050mm(height), and weight was 450kg.

M8340 Kanji Printer