【Mitsubishi Electric】 M8310 Kanji Printer

Announced in 1981, this was Mitsubishi Electric's first online kanji (Chinese character) printer. It employed the OFT (Optical Fiber Tube) system used in offline printers. The M8310 had a printing speed of 2,440LPM (line/min) at 6LPI (line/inch). Both 9 point (30×30dot) and 12 point (40×40dot) character sizes could be used, and 12-point-character patterns were automatically synthesized from 9-point-character patterns. This printer also had overlay printing and copy functions.

Main Specifications of M8310 Kanji Printer(Mitsubishi Electric)
Printing system Xerography using OFT
Printing speed 2,440LPM at 6LPI
Font memory capacity Max. 16Kchar
Character quality Kanji (Chinese characters):30×30,40×40(dot)
Number of characters per line 136 (10char/inch)
Character size Kanji (Chinese characters):9,12point
Printed dot density Both vertical/horizontal 240dot/inch
Paper Folding paper with sprocket holes on both edges
Size(width×depth×height) 1,625mm×780mm×1,630mm
Weight 750kg

M8310 Kanji Printer (Mitsubishi Electric)