【Hitachi】 H-8192, H-8196 and H-8172 Continuous Paper Printer

In 1978, Hitachi began shipments of their H-8192/8196-20 printers, which used an independently developed printer mechanism and had a printing speed of 7000line/min. In the following year, 1979, Hitachi shipped their H-8192/8196-30 printers which had a printing speed of 15200line/min, the highest in the world at that time.

In 1981, kanji (Chinese character) processing could only be done with large systems, and there was a growing need to realize such processing on small and mid-size systems. In that year, Hitachi began shipments of the H-8172 printer, with a printing speed of 2730line/min. This printer had a software interface compatible with high-end models, and improved cost performance.

Continuous Paper Printer Specifications
  H-8192/8196-20 H-8192/8196-30 H-8172
Printing system Laser-based xerography
Printing speed (at 8LPI) 7000line/min 15200line/min 2730line/min
Character size 7,9,12 and 14 point, and the corresponding half-size characters
Paper width 6.5–16inch
Paper length 3.5–14inch
Resolution 240dpi
Shipment date May 1978 July 1979 January 1981

H-8172 Continuous Paper Printer