【Hitachi】 H-8141 and H-8142 Line Printers

These were the world's first family of products where the same technology was used to make a series of 4 models having a range of printing speeds separated by a factor of 8—from 75line/min (OEM only) to 600line/min. A simple mechanism was achieved by modularizing core printing components (hammer, yoke, paper feed etc.) These printers used Hitachi's first paper feed step motor endless ribbon. Size and weight were greatly reduced using a mechanical frame structure comprised of sheet metal. The first high-volume exports were achieved with OEM.

Line Printer Specifications
  H-8141-31/32 H-8142-11/12 H-8143-31/32
Max. number of characters printed per line 136char/line
Printing speed 165line/min 315line/min 605line/min
Kinds of type Alphabetic,Numeric,Special symbols,(Kana)
Announcement date 1976

H-8141/8142 Line Printer