【Hitachi】 H-6276, H-6275, H-6274 and H-6273 Continuous Paper Printers

Hitachi developed printers with improved ease-of-use by, for example, reducing/improving volume, weight, power consumption and price, and providing automatic paper loading features. Here, they released a line of four models, ranging from high-speed to low-speed, by exploiting developed technology.

Printer Specifications
  H-6276 H-6275 H-6274 H-6273
Printing system Laser-based xerography
Printing speed (at 8LPI) 15600line/min 6000line/min 3000line/min 1500line/min
Character size 7,9,12 and 14 point, and the corresponding half-size characters
Paper width 6.5–16inch
Paper length 3.5–14inch
Resolution 240dpi
Shipment date June 1986 April 1986 June 1988 October 1986

H-6273 Continuous Paper PrinterH-6274 Continuous Paper Printer