【Hitachi】 H-138 and H-139 Line Printers

The H-138 and H-139 were line printers for the HITAC201. They were connected to the HITAC201 processing unit, and could print large volumes of calculation results at high-speed. The printing form could be determined using an internal program or program tape.

Line Printer Specifications
  Line Printer (H-138) Line Printer (H-139)
Max. number of characters printed per line 130char/line Same as at left
Printing speed 2line/s Same as at left
Caracter types 104kinds 86kinds
Character spacing 2.54mm 2.54mm
Type size 1.6mm×2.5mm 1.6mm×2.5mm
Announcement date 1961 1961

H-138/139 Line Printer