【Hitachi】 H-136 Line Printer

The H-136 was a line printer for the HIPAC103. It was connected to the HIPAC103 processing unit, and could print large volumes of calculation results online.

It could also directly print the content of magnetic tape online.

Line Printer Specifications
  Line Printer (H-136)
Printing system Type hole system
Maximum .printing speed 300line/min
Max. number of characters printed per line 120char
Kinds of type 94kinds
Type size Vertical 2.7mm×Horizontal2mm
Line pitch Multiple of 4.23mm (1/6inch)
Character pitch 10char/25.4mm (10char/inch)
Paper width 101.6mm (4inch)–457.2mm (18inch)
Announcement date 1961

H-136 Line Printer