【Fujitsu】 Automatic Printer for the FACOM 100

This was a printer from Fuji Tsushinki Manufacturing Co.(currently Fujitsu Ltd.) developed for Japan's first practical relay computer, the FACOM 100. It was completed in October 1954. The company had begun printer development in the 1950s. The type bar system had been employed in their early printers to enable high-speed printing for computer use. The automatic printer for the FACOM 100 was a line printer (although it was not called such at the time) in which 60 type bars (vertically long bars) with 15 kinds of type (numerals, symbols and the space) were lined. Each letter was selected by moving the bars up and down, and hammers hit simultaneously the 60 letters comprising one line.

After this printer (Model 43, 60-digit printer), various printer models employing the type bar system were developed, including 60-digit and 100-digit printers. One of these, the Model 60 printer (60-digit printer, printing speed 100line/min) is connected to a FACOM 128B relay computer in an exhibit at the Toshio Ikeda Memorial Hall of the Numazu Factory of Fujitsu in Japan. This system is still in perfect working condition today.

Automatic Printer for the FACOM 100On the near side, somewhat to the right of center, is the line printer unit connected to the FACOM 100