【Oki Electric Industry】 OKITAC-5096 Photoelectric Tape Reader with Reels

In 1961, Oki Electric Industry announced the OKITAC-5096 photoelectric tape reader with reels as an input device for the OKITAC-5090 computer.
The main features of the OKITAC-5096 were as follows:

(1) It used an IN2175 silicon photodiode as the signal element, and thereby reduced fluctuation in output levels, particularly due to temperature.
(2) 5, 6 and 8-unit tapes could be used with simple switching.
(3) In addition to forward direction read, it allowed reverse direction read and rewinding of dual-direction.
(4) The control circuit was comprised of transistors, so no noise was produced due to the chattering caused by the use of relays.
(5) Operation was extremely easy, and could be done either using the front panel or external control.
(6) In case of problems, like a tape break or a blown signal lamp, the system stopped quickly, and indicated the situation with lamps.
(7) A friction tension drive was achieved by using the cone clutch system for the tape reel drive system.

Paper tape units 5unit, 6unit or 8unit
Characters read per second 200char/s
Reader IN-2175 photodiode
8 for signals, 1 for feed, 9 total
Stop characteristics Within 1.3mm after drive magnetic current is completely cut out
Feed magnetic operation time 3-5ms
Weight 200kg
Dimensions 600(W)x457(D)x1570(H)mm
Power supply 50Hz, 60Hz, AC100V

OKITAC-5096 Photoelectric Tape Reader with Reels