【Oki Electric Industry】 OKI High-Speed Tape Punch

In 1964, Oki Electric Industry announced a 12,000 character/minute high-speed tape punch to keep up with the increased performance and online capability of the OKITAC-5090 computer.

Its main features were as follows:

(1) The electromagnet loads for symbol selection and tape feed were reduced by using a 200 watt induction motor as the drive source. This made punching operation extremely stable.
(2) This system had tape reels, and a single reel of tape was continuously punched and wound up, but it was also possible to remove tape midway through, and to receive and punch on another shorter tape.
(3) Punched tape could be rewound at high-speed.
(4) The system issued warnings for various situations -- i.e. supply reel empty, wind reel full, tape out, and waste box full -- and operation was extremely easy.

  OKI High-Speed Tape Punch
Usable paper tape units 6-unit or 8-unit
Punch speed Max. 12,000char/min
Punch diameter Signal hole 1.83mm, Feed hole 1.17mm
Punch pitch 2.54mm
Tape used Paper tape with thickness 0.1mm, width 22.3mm or 25.4mm
Tape handling Automatic supply and winding up using reels with 275mm capacity per reel
Weight 265kg
Dimensions 700(W)x600(D)x1415(H)mm
Power supply 50Hz, 60Hz, AC100V, 1.1kVA

OKI High-Speed Tape Punch