【Oki Electric Industry】 OKI High-Speed Paper Tape Punch

In 1958, Oki Electric Industry announced this high-speed paper tape punch to replace paper tape punches which came as accessories to typewriters. This punch was not simply a speeded-up version of a conventional single-character punch. It employed the multi-punch system for simultaneously punching a number of characters. This was achieved by lining up many conventional punch blocks in the tape flow direction.

The main features were as follows:

(1) Punch speed was 4,400 characters per minute, but excluding punching of end marks, the net punching speed was 4,000 characters/minute.
(2) The punch method was a multi-punch system for punching 11 characters at one time. The punch rate was 400 punches/minute.
(3) The system used statistical 8-unit punch tape.
(4) The sprocket system was used for tape feed.

OKI High-Speed Paper Tape PunchOKI High-Speed Paper Tape PunchOKI High-Speed Paper Tape Punch