【Oki Electric Industry】 OKITAC-5094 80-Column Photoelectric Card Reader

In 1961, Oki Electric Industry announced a photoelectric card reader for 80-column cards, as a card reader for the OKITAC-5080 computer. This device was a standalone model housed in a cabinet, and it also had a built-in power supply for the light source.

Cards used 80-column standard cards
Read direction 80-column simultaneous direction
Read speed 500card/min
Read system Photoelectric; Photodiodes are used for both signal and timing
Clutch magnet rating Resistance 6Ω, Rated voltage 500mA, Drive power voltage 15V.
Parallel connection taking the above two coils as one set.
Signal reader Photodiode 1N-2175
Power supply 50 or 60Hz, AC100V, Approx. 10A
Dimensions 800(W)x630(D)x1160(H)mm
Weight Approx. 230Kg

80-Column Photoelectric Card Reader80-Column Photoelectric Card Reader, Internal Structure