【Oki Electric Industry】 OKI-58 Photoelectric Tape Reader

Oki Electric Industry announced the OKI-58, its first photoelectric tape reader, in 1961. The OKI-58 could continuously or intermittently read paper tape at high speed. Its speed was 200char/s or 400char/s, and it could be used for either 6-unit tape or 8-unit tape, simply by switching the tape guide. Its construction was extremely simplified, compact and lightweight, and moving parts were minimized. Therefore, there were almost no points of mechanical wear, and furthermore, the sensing system used light rays for reading, so there were no hindrances like contact wear or chatter. This made it possible to use the system for a long time.

OKI-58 Specifications
Paper tape units 6 or 8 units
Tape width 22.4mm or 1inch (25.4mm)
Tape feed speed 508.0mm/s or 1016.1mm/s
Number of characters read per second 200char/s or 400char/s
Stop distance Within 0.7mm of actuation start point with 200char/s
Within 1.5mm of actuation start point with 400char/s
Start time Approx3-5ms
Weight 8.3kg
Dimensions 255(W)x188(D)x177(H)mm
Control External pulse
Power supply 50Hz, 60Hz, AC100V
Read mechanism Phototransistor (MCP-71)
Light source lamp, 3watt, 6V

OKI-58 Photoelectric Tape Reader