【NEC】 Paper Tape Punch Typewriter

In September 1958, NEC equipped its NEAC-2201 and other machines with a paper tape punch typewriter.
NEC's first electronic computer, the NEAC-1101, originally used input/output devices which could be realized with existing technology. It used a 6-row multi-line in-station transmitter (600 characters/minute) as a paper tape reader, a 6-row multi-line in-station receiver (375 characters/minute) as an output unit printer, and a 6-row multi-line in-station receiver punch (600 characters/minute) as an output punch. Later, NEC developed a paper tape punch typewriter which was a table-type input/output unit, and provided it as standard equipment with their first commercial machines, such as the NEAC-2201.
This paper tape punch typewriter was later improved and miniaturized. It became the desktop NEAC-WRITER, which was standard equipment with the NEAC-2204 and other machines. Improvement of the NEAC-WRITER continued, and it became the leading model of paper tape punch typewriter.

Specifications of the Input/Output Paper Tape Punch Typewriter for the NEAC System
Unit name Paper tape punch typewriter NEAC-WRITER
Punch speed 600char/min 700char/min 1,000char/min
Print speed 400char/min 500char/min 560char/min
Connected systems NEAC-2201 NEAC-1102 NEAC-1103 NEAC-2204
System completion date September 1958 November 1958 1960 September1961

Paper Tape Punch TypewriterNEAC-WRITER(Desktop typewriter + reader (box) + writer (box) set)
(Taken from the 1963 Edition of "Japanese Electronic Computers"
(Japan Electronic Industry Development Association))