【NEC】 N209A-2 Paper Tape Input Unit

In May 1965, NEC marketed the N209A-2 Paper Tape Input Unit for the NEAC Series 2200.
This unit enabled reading of 5- to 8-row tape, and was equipped with reels for tape handling, so it was suitable for high-volume data processing. Vacuum columns were provided as tape buffer storages between the reader part and the tape reels, and the system achieved a tape read speed of 1,000 characters per second by performing reel motor control to suit the amount of tape.

N209A Paper Tape Input Unit Specifications
Paper tape 17.4mm wide, 5-row tape
22.3mm wide, 6- or 7-row tape
25.4mm wide, 8-row tape
Read speed 1,000char/s (switchable to 500char/s)
Start/Stop characteristics Start: Less than 5ms
Stop: Less than 0.8ms
Rewind speed Same as read speed (2.54m/s)
Reel capacity 1 reel of tape (280m)
Input power supply 120V(100V)
Power consumption Approx. 1kVA
External dimensions (mm) 720Wx630Dx1,710H
Weight Approx. 250kg
Connected system NEAC Series 2200
System announcement date April 1965

N209A-2 Paper Tape Input Unit