【Hitachi】 H-8297, H-8298

The H-8287 card reader and H-8298 card reader were developed as card devices for the HITAC M Series. Speed and other specifications were the same as previous models, but these new readers had many new features.

  1. They used a microcomputer control system. A microcomputer incorporated into the card reader provided control of all phases of operation, including: exchange of signals with the processing unit of the electronic computer system, motor drive/stop for moving cards, and turning lamps on the control panel on and off. Exchange of signals with the processing unit for connecting to the M Series electronic computer system was more complex than with the 8000 Series, and the unit would be a few times bigger if it were comprised of conventional logic circuits. A microcomputer was used to solve this problem.
  2. Operability was improved and the systems were made easier to operate by displaying the operation method with lamps. Cabinet construction was improved, and this reduced noise compared to previous units.
  3. These systems were also designed to enable addition of a channel selection switch. This enabled shared use of a single card reader or punch by multiple electronic computer systems (up to a maximum 4 systems) by selecting a switch added to the card reader.
  4. These systems had a buffer memory for storing card data.
  5. Cost was reduced by using wireless connectors.

H-8298 Card Reader