【Hitachi】 H-8285

This was a unit for the HITAC 8000 Series. It was based on the H-8239-31 card punch, but was also equipped with a newly developed printing capability to enable simultaneous punching and printing on the same card.

The system simultaneously provided punched symbols (for a machine to read) and printed characters (for people to read) on a single card, and thereby allowed output cards to be used as ordinary bills. If necessary the bills (cards) could be read by a computer and used as input data for further processing.

Previously, punched cards were output first, and then those cards were placed in a translation/printing machine, but the H-8285 card printer/punch eliminated this troublesome step, and greatly increased processing speed. Also, the amount of information which could be printed on a single card was increased by 4 times.

The printing mechanism of this unit had a speed of 240 lines/minute. It could print a maximum of 80 characters (out of 112, including katakana) on a single line, and maximum of 4 lines on a single card (for a total of 320 characters).

H-8285 Card Printer/Punch