【Hitachi】 H-8239

This was a card reader/punch which could be connected to the HITAC 8000 Series. It integrated the functions of a card reader and card punch into a single unit.

Its distinguishing feature was a "same card read/punch feature" which allowed hole punching at parts with no holes while reading parts with holes. Read speed was 400 cards/minute or 10,000 characters/minute.

The distinguishing feature of the system's design was that it allowed the same card loading port and card feed mechanism to be shared for both reading and punching, and this made the "same card read/punch feature" possible.

The H-8239 used the vertical feed method. It could send a signal to the electronic computer immediately after reading each character, and could also receive signals from the electronic computer and punch holes one character at a time. This eliminated the memory and translation units needed when using conventional horizontal feed.

H-8239 Card Reader/Punch