【Hitachi】 H-1562, H-1564, H-1592

The H-1562 (key punch) was a card punch used to create data for input to a computer by punching holes in an 80-column card while offline.

  1. There were 64 keys on the keyboard to enable entry of all the codes necessary for the HITAC 8000 Series.
  2. A "left zero" feature reduced the frequency of typing zero, and alleviated the burden on the key puncher's thumb.
  3. Reduced noise level

With the H-1564 (key punch with printing), it was possible to punch cards, and at the same time print on the left side of the card to enable a human to read the numerals and characters expressed by those holes.

The H-1592 (verifier) was a keyboard card verifier used to check whether or not a card was punched correctly, before passing it to an electronic computer for reading.

The system looked the same as a key punch, and was used in a set together with a key punch. When there was an error in the method of punching, the system notified the operator of the mistake by lighting up a lamp.
Data was punched by the key punch, checked for errors by the verifier, and then finally loaded into a card reader for reading into an electronic computer.

H-1562 Key PunchH-1564 Key Punch with PrintingH-1592 Verifier