【Fujitsu】 72-Column Card Reader for Instructions (Fuji Card Reader)

The Fuji Card Reader was a 72-column card reader for instructions, made by Fuji Tsushinki Manufacturing Corporation (currently Fujitsu). A 60-channel tape reader was previously used to read instructions for the FACOM 100, but this 72-column card reader was used for later computers such as the FACOM 128A (1956), 128B (1958), FACOM 138A (1957) and FACOM 212A (1959). This unit was comprised of a card reader mechanism and a relay device for read gates, and was designed so that two or four sets of these units could be installed in a single desk.

The reading mechanism was comprised of a lower part (with an array of contacts supported by springs) and a lid equipped with a conductive panel. A paper card (12.2cm wide x 37.2cm deep) was placed on these contacts and fastened in place, and then the lid was closed. At the parts where there was a hole in the card, there was contact between the contact and the conductive panel of the lid, and at parts where there was no hole, the contact was blocked by the paper, thus preventing electrical connection. The relay devices for reading gates (located under the desk) read this state for each 72-column or 72x2-column. The readable number of steps was 22 or 11.

Fuji Card ReaderOriginally, the system was equipped with two or four sets of card readers, but the system in the photo only has three.Fuji Card ReaderWith card set in the card reader