【Fujitsu】 FACOM 801A for the FACOM 230-10 Small Computer (FACOM Writer)

This was an input/output device for the FACOM 230-10 small computer from Fujitsu. It was a single desk equipped with a paper tape reader (speed: 15 characters/second), a paper tape punch, a typewriter and a controller for these devices. The FACOM 801A was a crucial input/output device for the FACOM 230-10, and, in addition to online features, also had offline capabilities such as electric typewriting, tape copying and bill generation. It could also be expanded with options such as: a punch hole check function, an expansion reader for paper tape and edge cards, a program control memory unit, and a continuous paper feed unit.

In terms of online performance, it had a read speed of 900 rows per minute, a punch speed of 1,000 rows per minute, and a maximum printing speed of 15 characters per second.