【Fujitsu】 FACOM 567K Card Reader and FACOM 687K Card Punch for Mid-Size Computers

Most card units were developed in pursuit of higher-speed, but with the dissemination of computers and online processing, a need arose for compact, easy-to-handle card devices for the FACOM 230-25/35 mid-size general-purpose computers, as well as for satellite computers and data communication terminals. Fujitsu completed the FACOM 567K card reader and FACOM 687K card punch in 1969, as compact, inexpensive, all-purpose card devices. These units had the following features:

(1) Cards were fed in the vertical direction, and the units had continuous read, digit read and skip feed capability.
(2) Superior operability and ease-of-use were achieved using the front panel system.
(3) Compact, lightweight and low-cost

Specifications of Low-Speed Card Units for Small and Mid-Size Computers
  FACOM 567K Card Reader FACOM 687K Card Reader
Card used 80 column standard card
Read speed 100card/min -
Punch speed - 30card/min
Card feed system Vertical direction step feed
Hopper/Stacker capacity Hopper: 500card
Stacker: 500card
Power voltage, power frequency Single-phase 100V±10%,50Hz+1%-2% or 60Hz +1%-2%
External dimensions WxDxH (mm): 600x450x990
Weight: 100kg 120kg

FACOM 567K Card ReaderFACOM 687K Card Punch