【Hitachi】H-6954-1Cartridge-Based Magnetic Tape Libraries

It was increasingly obvious by 1996 that small-scale system users, in addition to large-scale system users, were demanding around-the-clock magnetic-tape automation and smaller units for better space utilization efficiencies. In response, Hitachi began shipping the H-6954-1 in April 1996. The H-6954-1 was a cartridge-based magnetic tape library aimed at small-scale system users that was made more compact, more space efficient, and more energy efficient by rethinking the tape cartridge capacity and the onboard components.

Users could select the best configuration for their needs from seven types of tape bays, ranging in capacity from 316 to 3,016 cartridges in 450-cartridge increments, and from one to eight magnetic tape units with one drive per unit. The magnetic tape units themselves were compact units that supported 36-track formatting and retained the same feature set as the H-6488-31 and H-6488-32. Consequently, these units saved space while providing large amounts of tape storage.

Specifications of the H-6954-1 magnetic tape library
Model name H-6954-1 H-6952-1(for reference)
Magnetic tape specifications width: 1/2 inch, length: 165 m / 330 m width: 1/2 inch, length: 165 m / 330 m
Number of tape cartridges 316 — 3,016989 — 8,751
Storage capacity [TB] (with three-times data compression) 0.4 — 7.20.6 — 21.0
Recording density [bytes/inch] 76,00038,000/76,000
Average tape transport time [s] 1010
Onboard components Library controllers 11
Accessor robots 11
Magnetic tape controllers 1 — 41 — 8
Magnetic tape units 1 — 84 — 32
Entry ports 11
Exit ports 11
Channel connections 816
Power consumption [KVA] 1.01.5

H-6954-1Cartridge-Based Magnetic Tape Libraries