【Hitachi】 H-6488-31/32 Cartridge-Based Magnetic Tape Unit

Hitachi began shipping the H-6488-32 in March 1995 as a compact, large-capacity magnetic tape unit that served both as a conventional host computer for small-scale computer needs and as a server in distributed systems.

Hitachi released two models at this time: the H-6488-31, with one controller and one tape drive, and the H-6488-32, with one controller and two tape drives. The tape drives supported 36-track formatting, and each drive could be fitted with an auto cartridge changer that automatically loaded as many as eight tapes. The models also supported remote maintenance functions and automatic forwarding of fault information over a communication line between the unit and a remote service center.

Specifications of the H-6488-31 / H-6488-32 magnetic tape units
Model name H-6488-31 H-6488-32 H-6485-1(for reference)
Magnetic tape specifications width: 1/2 inch, length: 165 m / 330 m width: 1/2 inch, length: 165 m / 330 m
Number of tracks 3618
Recording density [bytes/inch] 76,00038,000
IBG(mm) 22
Tape speed [m/s] 22
Tape speed [m/s] 3.0/6.0 /9.03.0/6.0
Number of drives 122