【Hitachi】 H-6486-1 Cartridge-Based Magnetic Tape Unit

Hitachi began shipping the large-system-oriented H-6486-1 in March 1991 as a magnetic tape unit using 18-track cartridges for automation and sequential processing of large amounts of magnetic tape storage and to save space.

One enclosure contained four tape drives, and the eight-drive configuration reduced the unit’s footprint by more than 30 percent. Each drive was standard equipped with an auto cartridge stacker that held 12-cartridge magazines, for the sequential processing of large amounts of tape data.

Other features included a large, easy-to-read message panel, up to 16 channel connections with the host, and data transfer speeds of 9 MB per second.

Specifications of the H-6486-1 magnetic tape unit
Model name H-6486-1 H-6485-1
(for reference)
Magnetic tape
width: 1/2inch, length: 165 m
Number of tracks 18
Recording density
IBG(mm) 2
Tape speed [m/s] 2
Tape speed [m/s] 3.0/6.0/9.03.0/6.0
Number of drives 42
Auto cartridge stacker Standard
(four 12-cartridge stackers)
(two 8-cartridge stackers)
Max. number of channel connections 16 *18 *1

*1.When dual controllers are installed.