【NEC】 N3645

In April 1998 NEC announced, together with the PX7800SV, the N3645 cartridge library that supported both 36-track and 128-track formats. The unit could accommodate up to 6,110 magnetic tape cartridges for a maximum of 183.3 terabytes of online storage.

The N3645 featured a high-speed optical interface that enabled data transfer speeds of 20 MB per second. It also came with a barcode function, an automatic cleaning function, and a better performing loader robot for advanced operability.

Specifications of the N3645 cartridge library
Media specifications Supported both 36-track and 128-track formatted cartridges
Data transfer speed [MB/s] 20 (via the optical interface)
6 (via the electrical interface)
Max. number of cartridges 6110
Capacity per unit 183.3 TB
(when using 128-track cartridges with 3x compression)