【NEC】 N7644

NEC announced the N7644 cartridge-based magnetic tape unit along with the ACOS system 3300N in October 1991. The N7644 could automatically load and unload up to 10 half-inch 200 MB magnetic tape cartridges per drive.

Because it linked as many as four drives per system, the N7644 could be configured to have an automatic file backup capacity as large as 8 GB. And because it was possible to exchange data with other systems that used the unit, enterprises could use the unit to realize high-performance, economical, space-saving systems.

Specifications of the N7644 cartridge-based magnetic tape unit
Media specifications Width: 1/2inch, length: 540 feet, 18 tracks, capacity: 〜200 MB
Cartridge dimensions [mm] 109 x 125 x 25.4 (w x d x h)
Recording density [bytes/inch] 38000
Tape speed [m/s] 1
Data transfer speed [MB/s] 1.5
Capacity per unit One drive: 200 MB
Two drives: 400 MB
2 GB/drive with auto cartridge loader attached