【NEC】 TD1000 Series Magnetic Tape Units

In October 1978, NEC announced the TD1000 Series of compact magnetic tape units for OEM. The Series could be mounted in a 19-inch standard rack and featured low noise of 60phon max. It was also equipped with an automatic tape mounting mechanism and cartridge mounting mechanism, and had outstanding maintainability with self-diagnosis by the control section using firmware and the ability to conduct maintenance from the front side (front access system).
Numerous models were available, differing in terms of recording system, recording density and tape running speed.
In September 1979, NEC announced the TD140X Model which increased the tape running speed of the above model from 75inch/s to 100inch/s.

TD1000 Series Magnetic Tape Unit Specifications
Model name TD1201 TD1202 TD1204 TD1301 TD1302 TD1304
Tape running speed (inch/s) 37.5 75
Tape winding speed (inch/s) 200 320
Recording density(BPI) 1600 1600 /800 6250 /1600 1600 1600 /800 6250 /1600
Data transfer speed(kB/s) 60 60/30 234/60 120 120/60 468/120
Start/stop time (ms) 10max.. 10max.. 6.4max.. 5max.. 5max.. 3.2max..
External dimensions (mm) 610(H)×482(W)×530(D)
Weight (kg) 90 95

TD1401/TD1402 Magnetic Tape Unit