【NEC】 N7645 Cartridge Library System

In November 1988, NEC announced the N7645 cartridge library system which could store up to a maximum of 6,250 1/2-inch wide cartridge magnetic tapes, each with a capacity of 200MB.

Cartridge library systems ranging in size from 1350 to 6250 tapes (memory capacity 270–1250GB) could be configured by combining cartridge stockers having 650–800 cells (for cartridge storage) and two tape drives per unit. The system achieved a data transfer speed of 3MB/s (speed at the input/output channel was 4.5MB/s).

N7645 Cartridge Library Unit Sepcifications
Media specifications Width 1/2inch,Length 540feet,18tracks,Capacity approx. 200MB
Cartridge dimensions(mm) 109(W)×125(D)×25.4(H)
Recording density(byte/inch) 38000
Tape speed(m/s) 2
Rewind time(s) 48max.
Data transfer speed(MB/s) 3(4.5 was also possible at the channel level)
Number of stored cartridges 1350–6250
Max. memory capacity (GB) 270–1250
Load/unload time (s) 8
Mount/demount time (s) Average 16
External dimensions(mm) with largest configuration 14500(W)×840/1240(D)×1790(H)

N7645 Cartridge Library UnitN7645 Cartridge Library Unit with door open