【NEC】 CT7000 Series Cartridge Magnetic Tape Unit

In October 1981, NEC announced the N7716 cartridge magnetic tape unit for OEM. It employed magnetic tape with a width of 1/4 inch and length of 450 feet, and was designed as a backup unit for small systems.
In October 1982, NEC announced the N7740 cartridge magnetic tape unit which doubled the number of tracks to 8.

Specifications of CT7000 Series Cartridge Magnetic Tape Unit
Model name CT7716 CT7740
Number of tracks 4 8
Memory capacity (MB) 16 40
Recording system MFM
Recording density (BPI) 7700
Tape speed (inch/s) 90
Rewind time (s) 60
Data transfer speed (kB/s)(per track) 86.6
Save/restore time(min)(450feet) 7 8
External dimensions
Depth (mm) 430 300
Height (mm)×Width (mm) 117×220 117×220

CT771X Cartridge Magnetic Tape Unit