【NEC】 543 Magnetic Tape Unit

NEC completed the 543 magnetic tape unit in 1962. It achieved a tape running speed of 4m/s, which was the world's fastest at the time.
This unit was used with the NEAC-2230 and NEAC-2206, and it was exhibited at the first Japanese made electronic computer show in November 1962.
This unit had a pinch roller type tape drive system, and a vacuum chamber type tape shock absorber mechanism.
There were two models, the 543A and 543B, with different tape running speeds.

543 Magnetic Tape Unit Specifications
Model name 543A 543B
Magnetic tape
Width (mm) 12.7
Length (m) 760
Number of tracks 7
Tape running speed (m/s) 4 2
Tape rewind speed (m/s) 6
Start/stop time (msec) 4
Information recording density (bit/mm) 15
Information transfer speed (char(BCD)/s) 90,000 45,000
Application NEAC-2230,NEAC-2206

543 Magnetic Tape Unit543 Magnetic Tape UnitClose up of area around magnetic head