【NEC】 542 Magnetic Tape Unit

NEC completed the 542 magnetic tape unit in May 1959, and delivered it to the Japanese Electronic Industry Development Association (JEIDA) together with the first production unit of the NEAC-2203. This magnetic tape unit was used for the NEAC-2203 and the NEAC-1103, which was an improved version of the NEAC-1102 (SENAC-1).
The tape shock absorber mechanism for this equipment was the tension arm type.

542 Magnetic Tape Unit Specifications
Magnetic tape Width (mm) 12.7
Length (m) 760
Number of tracks 8
Tape running speed (m/s) 2
Tape rewind speed (m/s) 4
Start/stop time (msec) 5
Information recording density(bit/mm) 4
Information transfer speed (char (BCD)/s) 8,000
Application NEAC-2203,NEAC-1103

542 Magnetic Tape Unit