【Hitachi】 H-8453 Open Reel Magnetic Tape Unit

This 1600BPI magnetic tape unit was completed in May 1969, ahead of other companies.
This unit had twice the recording density of units previously produced by Hitachi. The memory capacity for one magnetic tape was about 40Mbyte— twice that of the previous 800BPI tape—so the number of tapes was reduced. In easy-to-understand terms, the specifications were as follows: information was recorded with a recording density of 1600BPI (approx. 63 characters per 1mm) on magnetic tape with 732m in one reel, and information could be processed (read/written) at a speed of 12,000 char/s.

Main Specifications of H-8453/8451 Magnetic Tape Units
Model name H-8453 H-8451
Magnetic tape used Width 1/2inch,Length 2400feet
Number of tracks 9
Recording density(BPI) 1600
Tape speed (inch/s) 75 37.5
Data transfer speed (KB/s) 120 60
Tape drive system Single capstan,vacuum column system
Number of decks/unit 2

H-8453 Open Reel Magnetic Tape Unit