【Hitachi】 H-6485-1 Magnetic Tape Cartridge Unit

The H-6485-1 was an 18-track magnetic tape cartridge unit which realized a large capacity (600MB/tape with Hitachi compression) by using a thin-film magnetic head, and cartridge tape—which, at the time, was a new medium to replace conventional open reel tape. The unit was first shipped in October 1987, for use in large systems.
The reel-to-reel tape drive system made the equipment more compact, and compact magnetic tape enabled reduction in storage space for backup tape, for a large reduction in overall space requirements. Tape replacement work by the operator was greatly reduced by using the world's first automatic cartridge replacement mechanism (8 tapes).
In addition to the H-6485-1, Hitachi also developed the H-6485-31/5 for small and midsize systems.

Main Specifications of H-6485-1/H-6485-31/H-6485-5 Magnetic Tape Units
Model name H-6485-1 H-6485-31 H-6485-5
Magnetic tape used Width 1/2inch,Length 165m
Number of tracks 18
Recording density(BPI)
IBG(mm) 2
Tape speed (m/s) 2
Data transfer speed (MB/s) 3.0/6.0*1 1.5/3.0*1 0.75
Max. number of component decks 16*2 4 1

*1: With Hitachi compression

*2: With dual controllers

H-6485-1 Magnetic Tape Cartridge Unit