【Fujitsu】 FACOM 6453 and F6455 Tape Library Systems

The FACOM 6453 was a cartridge tape library system, completed in 1986 and compatible with the Fujitsu FACOM 6475 cartridge tape unit.

Fujitsu developed the FACOM 6450 mass storage system (MSS) in 1980, and the FACOM 6460 cartridge library system (successor of the FACOM 6450) in 1984. The FACOM 6453 was based on the library system technology developed for those systems. Its basic component was the FACOM 6475 cartridge tape unit employing VHS cartridges, and it automated loading, removal and storage of the memory media. It had the following features:

(1) Realization of high-speed, high-capacity backup processing
The system had high-speed data transfer capability of 2.5Mbyte/s for high-speed back-up processing of large volumes of data -- up to a maximum of 668Gbyte (i.e. a maximum of 2,387 VHS-type cartridges, each having a memory capacity of 280Mbyte).
(2) Laborsaving in system operation
Handling of cartridge tapes was automated, and the burden of replacing and carrying memory media during operation was dramatically reduced, thereby achieving laborsaving in system operation.
(3) Flexible system configuration
Twenty-three types of subsystems could be configured, ranging from a minimum of 63Gbyte to a maximum of 668Gbyte. This enabled selection of memory capacity to suit the system size and required performance.

In April 1989, Fujitsu completed the F6655 magnetic tape library system. This system used cartridge tape media compatible with the IBM3480, and featured larger memory capacity, improved reliability due to duplication/multiplication of components, and improved operability (i.e. continuous loading/unloading of cartridge tapes, and a volume numbering feature realized by equipping the system with a reader for bar codes attached to the media).

Tape Library System Specifications
Cartridge Tape Library System
Magnetic Tape Library System
Completion date 1986 April 1989
Max. memory capacity 63-668 GB (*1) 134.8-1,056.1 GB (*1)
Max. storable number of cartridge tapes 227-2,387 (*1) 658-5,152 (*1)
Cartridge tape carrying time 5-17s(Average 10s) Average 10s
Tape load/unload time 12s/7s Average 11s each
Data transfer speed Average 2.5MB/s 3.0MB/s
Constituent devices Basic component FACOM 6475
Cartridge tape unit
FACOM 6470
Magnetic tape unit
Tape units 4,8,12,16
Controllers 2,4
Selection mechanisms (Accessors) 1,2 2
Types of constituent devices 23 26
Number of connected channels 16 channels max.
(Max. 4 channels per controller)
24 channels max.
(Max. 6 channels per controller)
Remarks -
  • Continuous processing feature for loading/unloading 10 cartridges (or, optionally, up to 90 cartridges)
  • Volume numbering feature using bar codes

*1: The maximum values vary depending on the equipment configuration.

FACOM 6453 Cartridge Library SystemF6455 Magnetic Tape Library System (Photo viewing from the front)F6455 Magnetic Tape Library System (Photo viewing from the back)
F6455 Magnetic Tape Library System (Close-up photo of magazine loading/unloading section on back side)Loading/Unloading magazine for the F6455 magnetic tape library system, capable of holding up to a maximum of 15 cartridgesBy using this magazine it was possible to successively load and continuously unload 10 cartridge tapes.Cartridge tape for F6455 magnetic tape library system
Media storage case and accessor for F6455 magnet