【Oki Electric】 MODEL-G Series

Two types of magnetic disk units were developed as the MODEL-G Series. They had the following specifications, and were designed for use as the main memory unit of systems such as the OKIMINITAC.

  MODEL-G-201 MODEL-G-601
Number of tracks For main memory 20 60
For synch 2 2
Recording system Return to zero Return to zero
Capacity per track Approx. 1,000bit Approx. 1,000bit
Total main memory capacity Approx. 20,000bit Approx. 60,000bit
Average delay time 20/17ms 20/17ms
S/N 20db Min. 20db Min.
Write current 200mA 200mA
Output voltage 60mV-pp 60mV-pp
Type Vertical Vertical
Rotation speed Approx. 1500/1800rpm Approx. 1500/1800rpm
Working power supply voltage 80-110V 80-110V
Working power supply frequency 50/60 c/s 50/60 c/s
External dimensions D190×W190×H300 D210×W310×H395
Weight Approx. 12kg Approx. 28kg

MODEL G-601 Magnetic DrumMODEL G-201 Magnetic Drum