【Hitachi】 H-6592/6595 Disk Array Units

The H-6592 and H-6595 highly functional disk array units, which Hitachi announced in May 1997, not only used RAID technology to provide high reliability, high availability, high performance, and large storage capacity; they also offered data sharing between multiple platforms. This made it possible to use one disk array subsystem for both mainframes and open systems.

Features of the units:
  • (1)The H-6592 and H-6595 used 9 GB disk drives, nearly double the capacity of previous drives, for a total capacity of 1.6 terabytes in the largest configuration. The addition of a RAID-1 configuration made it possible to construct systems optimized for demand characteristics and applications.
  • (2)The H-6592 and H-6595 supported a number of multiplatform functions, including Hitachi multiplatform resource sharing (HMRS), which made it possible to share data from multiple operating systems — mainframes, UNIX, Windows NT, etc. — within one subsystem, Hitachi multiplatform data exchange (HMDE), which exchanged data between multiple operating systems, and Hitachi multiplatform backup/restore (HMBR), which backed up data from the open system side on a highly reliable disk on the mainframe side.
Specifications of the H-6592 / H-6595
Parameter Specification
Applicable system Mainframes Open systems
Host interface ACONARC/BLMPX SCSI-2
Subsystem capacity 46GB — 1.6TB 48GB — 1.6TB
Cache memory 256MB — 16GB
External dimensions [mm] 1,268 — 2,918 x 800 x 1,790 (w x d x h)