【Hitachi】 DK224A-14 2.5-inch Hard Disk Drive

The DK224A-14 had a maximum storage capacity of 1.44 GB and was Hitachi’s first hard disk drive that used an MR element in the magnetic head.
As an increasing number of operations previously done with desktop computers were being performed on notebook computers, end users had more opportunities to handle data-intensive multimedia content, such as movies and music. Because of this, even 2.5-inch hard disk drives were expected to provide larger storage capacities. With the DK224A-14, Hitachi achieved an area recording density of 880 Mbits per square inch by using MR heads and PRML signal processing, which supported higher recording densities than previous signal processing methods.

Specifications of the DK224A-14 hard disk drive
Introduced July 1996
Storage capacity per unit 1.44 GB
Recording density 124,000 bytes per inch
Track density 7,100 tracks per inch
Area recording density 880 Mbits per square inch
Number of disks 3
Number of heads 6
Average seek time Read: 12 ms
Disk speed 4,464 rpm
Data transfer speed 7.0 MB/s max.