【Hitachi】 H-6591/6595 Disk Array Units

The H-6591 and H-6595, announced by Hitachi in May 1995, were disk array subsystems with a new architecture that delivered better performance and higher reliability through a combination sized for large-scale computer systems of RAID-5 technology and cache memory.

Features of the two units:
  • (1)They used as many as eight channel-side and eight disk-drive-side microprocessors, which operated independently to control data transfers for better transaction performance.
  • (2)The use of RAID-5 technology gave a higher data availability than possible with previous magnetic disks because data remained accessible even if a disk drive should fail.
  • (3)The subsystems supported scalable disk capacity (from a minimum of 23 GB to a maximum of 747 GB) and the maximum configuration could be installed in just 2.36 square meters due to high-density mounting of 3.5-inch compact disk drives.
  • (4)Uninterrupted 24/7 operation was possible because components were hot swappable.
Parameter Specification
Host interface ACONARC/BLMPX
RAID array RAID5
Subsystem capacity 23GB — 747GB
Cache size 256MB — 16GB
External dimensions [mm] 1268 — 2918x800x1790