【Toshiba】 MK2001MPL

The MK2001MPL was a compact 1.8-inch magnetic disk unit with a 2 GB storage capacity and a 5 millimeter profile. Coming in a Type II PC card format, the MK2001MPL weighed just 55 grams, consumed only 0.5 watts in idle mode, and could withstand impact forces up to 1,000 Gs. Toshiba began shipping the unit in 2000

The aim of the MK2001MPL was to drive the miniaturization of mobile devices and to provide a mobile environment in which large amounts of data could be accessed anytime anywhere. And since it was Type II PC card sized, it was expected to be a bridge media that enabled data exchanges between devices with PC card slots.

Specifications of the MK2001MPL
Storage capacity 2.0GB
Average seek time 15ms
Data transfer speed ATA:16.6MB/s(PIO Mode DMA Mode)
    66.7MB/s(Ultra DMA Mode)
PC card :5.2MB/s(IO Mode)
      20MB/s(Memory Mode)
Rotational speed
Interface PC Card ATA,68Pin ATA
External dimensions [mm] 54.0 x 85.6 x 5.0 (w x d x h)
Weight 55 grams
Energy consumption efficiency
(according to the Energy Conservation Law)
(Category D)
Impact resistance when not in operation
(half sine-wave impact)