【Toshiba】 MK3303MAN

The 3.3 GB MK3303MAN had the largest storage capacity of any 2.5-inch magnetic disk unit and featured a slim 19 millimeter profile. Toshiba began shipping the unit in 1996.

As computers became more powerful, the amount of multimedia data — images, audio, and video — along with conventional text data computers handled soared. As a result, even notebooks needed the same magnetic disk unit storage capacities as desktops.

The MK3303MAN ran at 4,852 rpm, transferred data at 16.6 MB per second, had a massive 128 KB buffer memory, and boasted an average seek time of just 13 milliseconds.

Along with the MK3303MAN, Toshiba began shipping the slimmer 12.7-millimeter-profile MK2103MAV, which could store up to 2.16 GB of data.

Specifications of the MK3303MAN and MK2103MAV
Model name MK3303MAN MK2103MAV
Recording capacity 3.3GB 2.16GB
Average seek time 13ms
Data transfer speeds 16.6MB/s
Rotational speed 4,852rpm 4,200rpm
Buffer size 128KB
Interface ATA-3
External dimensions [mm] 70 x 100 x 19 (w x d x h) 70 x 100 x 12.7 (w x d x h)
Weight 220 grams 155 grams
Energy consumption efficiency 0.00048W/MB 0.00042W/MB