【Toshiba】 MK0200MAT

The MK0200MAT used a slimmer drive motor and other innovations to become, at just 8.45 millimeters, the world’s thinnest 2.5-inch magnetic disk unit. Toshiba began shipping samples of the MK0200MAT in 1996.

Due to the rapid rise in computer communications and the Internet, there was an increasing need for compact, lightweight portable information devices that could communicate information even when away from the office or home. In turn, the storage media installed in these portable information devices had to be made lighter and more compact. Notebook computers also required smaller and thinner storage media and other components to pack more components in a limited space. Toshiba developed the MK0200MAT to meet these needs. The unit weighed only 110 grams and, in consideration of battery-powered portable information devices, used just 2.3 watts during write operations and 0.7 watts at idle.

Specifications of the MK0200MAT
Recording capacity 271MB
Average seek time 13ms
Data transfer speeds
(between the buffer and the host)
ATA-2: PIO mode 4 and DMA mode 2 both 16.6 MB/s
Buffer size 128KB
External dimensions [mm] 70 x 100 x 8.45 (w x d x h)
Weight 110g
Power consumption Read / write operations: 2.3W Idle mode: 0.7W
In sleep mode: 0.15W
Energy consumption efficiency 0.0026W/MB