【Toshiba】 MK2428FB/MK2428FC

In the early 1990s with improved microprocessor performance and the prevalence of Windows, there was mounting pressure on magnetic disks to deliver more storage capacity to keep up with the increasing amounts of data handled by computers. In response, Toshiba built the MK2428FB and MK2428FC 2.5-inch magnetic disk units with 520 MB of capacity, the largest for a 2.5-inch-disk unit in the world at the time. Toshiba began volume shipments of the models in 1993.

The only difference between the two models was the interface: the MK2428FB had a SCSI-2 interface, and the MK2428FC had a PC/AT interface.

Specifications of the MK2428FB / MK2428FC
Recording capacity 520MB
Number of disks 4
Interface MK2428FB: SCSI-2
Average seek time 12ms
Rotational speed 4,000rpm
Transfer speeds Disk transfers 18.9〜31.6Mbps
Host transfers SCSI-2: 10 / 6 (synchronous/asynchronous)
PC/AT: 6
Buffer size 512KB
Power consumption During read / write operations 2.8W
In sleep mode 0.15W
External dimensions [mm] 70 x 100 x 19 (w x d x h)
Weight 220 grams