【Toshiba】 MK2124FC

The MK2124FC was a 2.5-inch magnetic disk unit with 130 MB of storage that Toshiba began shipping samples of in 1991.

The portable notebook and laptop market in 1991 was showing explosive growth. As notebooks became smaller, lighter, and more powerful, their onboard magnetic disks also had to provide more storage capacity and higher performance as well as low power consumption for longer battery operation.

For the MK2124FC, Toshiba developed new high-density-recording circuitry that raised recording densities by 50 percent over previous models. With two 2.5-inch disks, the MK2124FC was able to offer an industry-leading 130 MB of storage.

Furthermore, data transfers were accelerated with the inclusion of a 32 KB buffer and disk seek times were lowered (to an average seek time of 17 milliseconds) with the use of a voice-coil motor and high-speed seek control firmware.

At the same time, the low-power design reduced power consumption during read and write operations to just 1.8 watts. And a power-save controller automatically stopped the disks when no disk accesses occurred for a certain time.

Specifications of the MK2124FC
Recording capacity 130MB
Number of disks 2
Average seek time 17ms
Rotational speed 3,200rpm
Data transfer speeds
(between the buffer and the host)
Buffer size 32KB
Power consumption
During read / write operations
In sleep mode
Interface PC/AT
External dimensions [mm] 70 x 100 x 19 (w x d x h)
Weight 180g